"The tap floor is the artist's musical instrument"

That is how Rob Harari describes his philosophy and approach to tap dancing.  Like an acoustic guitar, the tap instrument can have a hollow body to give it more resonance.  The type of wood and the size of the boards create a variety of tones.  There are brighter instruments with more pop in the sound which can be heard in amplified situations and there are instruments with darker tones for a richer sound suitable for concert hall locations.  We use a special microphone technique to produce the clearest sound possible which can be fed to any recording or broadcast device.



 The late Gregory Hines performing in Santa Monica



Andrew Nemr - video shoot "Looking Within"



Some musical performances have specialized needs for presentation.  In working with Savion Glover, we have designed instruments to act as set pieces for Barbra Streisand's "Timeless" millenium show and Spike Lee's "Bamboozled" (check out the desk in Dunwitty's office).  If the production requires some "camouflage", the tap floor is designed in a way the preserves the feel and grip of the instrument to the artist.  In these applications, the acoustics of the audio reinforcement are critical and they compliment the visual.



We offer tap floor instrument design services for all production formats including comprehensive audio design elements. From  instruments at home to your next world tour, our design services will work with you, and your style.

New York City Tap Festival, 2002

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