Everything was conceived with the desire to make the artist comfortable. The live recording environment is designed for sonic excellence and creative ambiance.

Sonic excellence is achieved through the ‘tunable’ design in the 24’ by 20’ room with a 16’ sloped ceiling. Using proprietary baffles designed by Bang Zoom Productions, any acoustical nuance can be accentuated. The baffles can be positioned to expose a super hard surface which emits an incredible big room live sound or flipped to a full frequency absorption surface to produce an intimate recording.

Creative ambiance is found in the natural light which floods the control room during the day and the warm wood floors and European track lighting featured in the live room. The quality construction in this tastefully designed studio is visible between the walls of the two rooms. Exposed are the layers of construction material including the six inch slab of concrete which sits on 1000 neoprene rubber pucks and the ceiling suspended by nearly 100 springs which ensures that there is direct contact with the exterior building. No unwanted sound makes it into your recording.

Every room in HarariVille is wired with a microphone bay and cue system. (Bathroom not included.)


2 Neumann M 149
1 Neumann TLM 193
2 Neumann U 87 (sequential matched set)
1 AKG 414 EB
3 AKG C408
3 AKG D170
1 AKG D1000E
3 Sennheiser MKH 40
1 Electro Voice RE-20
1 Sony ECM-959 DT
2 Shure SM57
8 Countryman Type 85 DI
1 Sennheiser TGX-50
4 Octava MK-012 w/10dB pad


Music Instruments
Steinway L - 6' Grand Piano
Lowry Organ
Pearl Masters Custom
w\ double-bass pedal
Assorted Hand Percussion

SST Musical Instrument Rentals is located in the HarariVille building. Many, if not all, instruments available.







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